Product CodeProduct NameCAS NoChemical StructureMain Applications
TPD-FC-77Perfluorocycloether40464-54-8Used as cleaning agent of electric industry
Perfluoro(4-methylpent-2-ene)2070-70-4Used for electronic precision cleaning, optical cleaning,dehydration cleaning, hydraulic transmission fluid, electronic equipment seal isolation fluid.
TPD-5112Perfluoro(2-methyl-3-pentanone)756-13-8Used as a harmonic and clean extinguishing agent.
TPD-2800EPPerfluorononene epoxide2803620-31-5Used as heat transfer cooling medium for semiconductor dry etching, wafer testing, packaging, etc.
Used as heat conduction cooling medium for data processing electronic.
Topda FC-131Perfluorotriethylamine 359-70-6 Perfluorotriethylamine  cas 359-70-6Used as electrical insulating oil, conductive coolant, dielectric fluid and lotion in aerospace industry, electronic industry and electric power industry.
TPD-FC-320Perfluorotripropylamine338-83-0Perfluorotripropylamine cas 338-83-0Used as corrosion inhibitor, transmission fluid, dielectric insulating oil for instruments.
Used as cleaning agent of electronics, CD-ROM and precision instruments.
PerfluorotributylamineUsed as an anticorrosive driving isolating liquid for apparatus & instruments.
Used as a dielectric insulating oil.
TPD-FC-70Perfluorotripentylamine338-84-1Perfluorotripentylamine CAS 338-84-1Used as electrical insulation oil, thermal conductive coolant, dielectric liquid, precision instrument cleaning fluid in the aerospace industry, electronics, power industry, etc.
TPD-AFHexafluorobisphenol A1478-61-1Hexafluorobisphenol A CAS 1478-61-1Mainly used as vulcanization accelerator of fluororubbers, it also can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates.
TPD-PFSAPerfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Resin31175-20-9Can be used for producing ion exchange conductive membranes, fuel cell ion exchange membranes, superacid catalysts used in organic synthesis, superstable ion-exchangers and so on
TPD-PIESPerfluorinated Ion Exchange Solution--Can be used to prepare perfluorinated ion exchange electrolyte films and catalyst for fuel cells, electrochemical sensors, etc. and it can be used to patch the IEM.