Perfluoropolyether(PFPE) is a kind of special perfluorinated polymer, the average molecular weight is between 500~16000, and it is only composed of carbon (C), fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms.

CAS No: 69991-67-9

It has the following features: 

  • EU REACH Registration
  • Unmatched chemical and solvent resistance
  • Excellent thermal stability 
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent radiation stability 
  • Good viscosity index
  • Non-flammable 
  • Low surface tension 
  • Low pour point 
  • Good compatibility with metal, plastic, elastomers, rubber, etc. 
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range
  • Low evaporation loss 
  • Environmentally safe 
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent dielectric properties

  • Inert to liquid and gaseous oxygen

There are PFPE Oils with D-type, K-type, Y-type and Z-type structures. PFPE Fluids with D-type has a non-shielding structure and its stability is slightly poor. K-type PFPE has a full “shielding” structure with branched chains, its stability is the best. The performance of Y-type and Z-type PFPE oils is between the two. Our company’s PFPE products belongs to full “shielding” K-type structure.  

PFPE Oil K-structure

Perfluoropolyether(PFPE) Oil is mainly used in the areas with heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, etc. It can be used in original form or to be formulated into greases for the specific applications in the industries of chemical, electronic, cosmetic, machinery, aerospace, nuclear, etc that require high lubricating performance.

PFPE Base Oil For Grease B Grades are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids with only carbon (C), fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms on the molecular chain. They not only maintain the excellent properties of perfluoropolyether fluids, but also has many unique properties, such as excellent high temperature stability, good low temperature properties, low evaporative loss and high viscosity index. They are widely used as base oil to formulate PFPE greases for specific appliations to meet the most challenging demands. 

TOPDA B-800 & B-1800 have already been NSF H1 Registered. 

Properties UnitsB-20B-40B-60B-260B-520B-800B-1200B-1500B-1800B-2600B-3500
Equivalent Product Y04Y45YU700YRYPL1500YR1800
Working Temperature Range°C-70~104-63~132-60~150-42~183-36~204-36~260-33~272-30~288-25~300-15~350-5~360
Average molecular weighta.m.u800150022003300500060006600750082001100013000
Kinematic Viscosity
at 20℃
at 40℃cSt7.81524831602433454505107501000
at 100 °CcSt234.41118253342466588
Viscosity index-2970116124134136145148157171
Pour Point°C-70-63-60-42-36-36-33-30-20-15-5
Evaporation weight loss
at 120 °C, 22 hr
at 204 °C, 22 hr%--73110.80.60.5
Surface tension at 20 °Cdyne/cm2020202222232424242424
Density at 0 °Cg/cm31.891.911.911.931.941.951.951.951.951.951.95

PFPE Vacuum Pump Oil Topda K-L Grades are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids with only carbon (C), fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms on the molecular chain. They are ideal for use in vacuum pumps as sealing & lubricating fluid and working fluids especially in the systems which are exposed to strongly oxidative substances like oxygen, ozone or nitric oxides as well as highly reactive substances like halogens and hydrogen halides. Because of their high stability and safety, especially the high reliability of working under particularly harsh conditions, no working medium can be comparable to perfluoropolyether oil in such harsh environment.

PropertiesUnitsK-L 606K-L 1406K-L 1606K-L 2506
Equivalent Product Fomblin Y LVAC 06/6Fomblin Y LVAC 14/6Fomblin Y LVAC 16/6Fomblin Y LVAC 25/6
Average Molecular Weighta.m.u.2,4003,5004,3004,600
Density at 20°C g/cm31.881.891.891.90
at 50°C g/cm31.821.831.831.84
at 100°C g/cm31.731.741.741.75
at 200°Cg/cm31.541.551.551.56
Viscosity at 20°Cmm2/s62142175261
at 50°Cmm2/s16323753
at 100°Cmm2/s4.47.2811
at 200°Cmm2/s1.
Viscosity Index 7197110113
Vapor Pressure
at 20°C
torr 4×10-72×10-75×10-91×10-7
at 50°Ctorr 1×10-53×10-62×10-71×10-6
at 100°Ctorr 1×10-31×10-42×10-53×10-5
at 200°Ctorr 5×10-11×10-21×10-22×10-3
Pour Point°C-60-54-40-48
Boiling Range, 10%°C160200210200
Boiling Range, 90%°C220280280300
Heat of vaporization at 150~250°Ccal/g9776
Volatility (149°C/22hr)%610.10.5
Surface Tension at 20°Cdyne/cm17181819

PFPE Vacuum Pump Oil Topda K-H Grades are suggested for applications requiring the highest quality vacuum such as in scanning electron and transmission microscopes, mass spectrometers, particle accelerators, ion implantation, plasma and vapor deposition processes. In addition, it is suggested for pumps handling reactive gases such as UF6, F2, oxygen, ozone and tritium, as the fluid can be used in direct contact with these gases without reaction and fluid degradation.

PropertiesUnitsK-H 1808K-H 2509K-H 4009K-H 14013
Equivalent Product Fomblin Y HVAC 140/13
Average Molecular Weighta.m.u.2,8003,4004,4007,600
Density at 20°C g/cm31.891.901.911.92
Viscosity at 20°CcSt1852854741400
Viscosity Index 120126129140
Pour Point°C-45-41-38-30
Refractive Index(nD20)1.3001.3011.3041.304
Specific Heat at 20°Ccal/g0.
Heat of vaporization at 200°Ccal/g9775
Working Temperature°C-45~190-40~195-38~200-30~280

PFPE High Temperature & Ultra-high Vacuum Lubricating Oils S Grades are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids. They are especially developed for use in high temperature and ultra-high vacuum environments as lubricating Oils.

Appearance Clear Liquid
Kinetic Viscosity
at 20℃
at 40℃cSt740860995
at 100℃cSt647084
Density at 0°Cg/cm31.951.961.97
Viscosity index158161166
Evaporation weight loss at 204 °C, 22 hr
Surface tension at 20°Cdyn/cm222222
Pour Point-24-21-18
Working Temperature-24~305-21~315-18~325

Perfluoropolyether Topda P Grades are fully fluorinated oils especially developed for use as polymer additives and can be compounded with thermoplastic and elastomeric materials to enhance the final properties of the host materials without changing their mechanical properties, color, etc. 

Equivalent Product Fomblin Y45
Appearance Clear Liquid
Average Molecular Weighta.m.u. 2,0004,8005,000
Kinetic Viscosity at 48℃cSt8106112
Density 20℃g/cm31.881.881.90
Volatility, 22h at 121 °C%--<1%
Refractive Index nD251.3001.3001.300
Surface tension at 20 °Cdyn/cm181818
Pour Point<-70<-36<-36

PFPE Oil For Vapor Phase Soldering V Grades are perfluoropolyether Oils which are especially developed to be used as vapor phase soldering fluids, mainly used duiring the process of VPS, they can use latent heat of codensation of PFPE Vapor to melt solder. 

Technical Index

ItemUnit V-01V-02
AppearanceClear liquidClear liquid
Average molecular weighta.m.u200-400400-700
Kinetic Viscosity at 20°CcSt1-55-10
Density at 25°Cg/cm31.78-1.821.82-1.87
Surface Tension at 20 °Cdyn/cm19.0-20.519.5-20.5
Boiling Point195-235235-265

PFPE Lubricating Oil For Special Gas System TOPDA O Grades are formulated by PFPE base oil and various of additives, such as antioxidants and anti-corrosion agents.They are kind of high-quality and high efficient lubricating oils with long service life used in the compression/transportation of oxygen, chlorine, fluorine and other special gases which are highly oxidizing, toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive. 

Technical Index

ItemUnit O-01O-02O-03
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Kinetic Viscosity at 50°Cmm2/s183239
Density at 50°Cg/cm31.80-1.851.80-1.851.80-1.85
Acid Valuemg KOH/g≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05

PFPE Oil TOPDA T Grades are low molecular weight perfluoropolyether(PFPE) fluids with only carbon (C), fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms on the molecular chain. PFPE Oil TOPDA T Grades are widely used as heat transfer fluids in chemical, semiconductor, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Wide range of working temperatures 
  • Good low temperature properties
  • Unmatched chemical and solvent resistance 
  • Good radiation stability 
  • Excellent compatibility with metals, plastics, elastomers
  • Excellent insulation and dielectric properties 
  • No flash or fire point 
  • Non-toxic, environmental friendly 
  • ODP is 0

Technical Index

Item Unit T-170T-200T-230T-270
Boiling Point °C 170200230270
Apperance Clear Transparent Liquid
Kinematic Viscosity
at 20°C
mm2/s 2.10 3.20 5.5015.50
Pour Point °C<-90<-80<-70<-60
Density at 25 °Cg/cm31.781.80 1.83 1.86
Moisture Content mg/kg <20 <20 <20 <20
Acid Value mg.KOH/g

CAS No: 69991-67-9

INCI Name: Polyperfluoromethylisopropyl Ether

Topda C Grades are fluorinated fluids which are especially developed to be used as additives in high-end cosmetics and skin care products, they have features of good waterproof performance, no damage to the skin and no pores clog. 

Replacement Fomblin HC/04Fomblin HC/25Fomblin HC/R
AppearanceClear Liquid
Average molecular weighta.m.u180033006500
Kinetic Viscosity
at 20℃
Density at 0°Cg/cm31.901.911.92
Refractive index nD251.2931.2991.302
Surface tension at 20°Cdyn/cm222222
Interfacial tension at 20°Cdyn/cm555555

Related Products

Product CAS NoChemical Structure PurityFeatures
Perfluoropolyether Acyl Fluoride65208-35-7
≥98%Can be converted into alcohol, acid, ester, amide and other derivatives
Perfluoropolyether Acrylate-Perfluoropolyether Acrylate≥98%Contains arylic terminal groups which can provide polymerization reactivity
Perfluoropolyether Alcohol90317-77-4≥98%Contains active hydroxyl groups that can react with groups such as epoxy, isocyanate or anhydride
Perfluoropolyether di-Alcohol-≥95%Contains functional double terminal hydroxyl groups, it can react with conventional polymer materials.
Perfluoropolyether Carboxylic Acid51798-33-5≥98%Contains active carboxyl group that can react with hydroxyl, amino and other groups
Perfluoropolyether Methyl Ester-≥98%Contains active ester group that can react with hydroxyl, amino and other groups