Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nanopowder is white powder with a molecular weight of 10,000-30,000 and a particle size of less than 1μm. It not only basically maintains the excellent properties of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, such as high crystallinity, good dispersibility, easy to be mixed with other materials evenly. Therefore, it is widely used in the blending modification of polymer materials to improve the lubricity, wear resistance, non-stick performance and flame retardancy of the host materials, so that the performance of the host materials is significantly improved. 

PTFE Nano Powder
CodeProduct NameMain IndexMain FeaturesApplications
TPD-500NPTFE Nano PowderParticle Average Size(µm): ~1.0
Average Bulk Density(g/L): ≤700
Whiteness: 100%
1. The average molecular particle size of D50 can reach nanoscale
2. Excellent non-stickness and self-lubricity
3. Excellent chemical resistance
4. Excellent thermal stability
Used additives in engineering plastics, modified resins, rubbers, PTFE cable.
Used as additives in coatings, such as fluorocarbon coatings with high corrosion resistance.
Used as additives in non-stick coating for textile roller.