PTFE micropowder can improve the surface and volume properties of rubber, such as silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM and polychlorobutadiene, adding 5% of PTFE micropowder can improve the friction properties, wear resistance and demoulding behavior of the main polymers, improve the breaking strength of rubber with no obvious damage to the elasticity of rubber, which can reduce the tearing phenomenon of the rubbers during the demouldingg process.

CodeProduct TypeParticle Average SizeAverage Bulk DensitySpecific Surface Area
TPD-505SPTFE Micropowder4.0-5.0µm400g/L3.0-4.5m2/g 
TPD-511PTFE Micropowder~11.0µm≤400g/L2.5m2/g 

TPD-505HPTFE Micropowder~5.5µm≤600g/L2.0m2/g 
TPD-515HPTFE Micropowder~ 15.0µm≤650g/L2.0m2/g 
CodeFeatureAverage Particle Size, µmMaximum Particle Size, µm
Free of PFOAD50: 1.0~2.9≤10
Free of PFOAD50: 3.0~5.0≤15
Free of PFOAD50: 5.1~8.0≤25
Free of PFOAD50: 8.0~12.0≤40
Free of PFOAD50: 11.0~13.0≤50


“5”: Suspension Polymerization

“6”: Dispersion Polymerization

“H”: Recycled Materials 

“S”: Special Modification Treatment

“A”: Free of PFOA

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