Adding PTFE powder into lubricating oil and grease can improve the lubricity of the materials under high pressure and high temperature. Even with the loss of base oil, PTFE powder can play a role as dry lubricant.The viscosity of the oil can be significantly increased by adding PTFE powder into silicone oil, mineral oil or paraffin oil. The amount of PTFE powder depends on the viscosity of the base oil, the consistency of the lubricant required and the application field. Usually the amount of PTFE powder added is 5% – 30% (mass fraction).PTFE powder with grease, rosin, mineral oil, can yield high quality lubricants, which are widely used in ball bearings, wear-resistant bearings, lubricating guideways, sliding rods, open gears, chemical equipment valves, etc. In addition, PTFE powder can also be used as a dry lubricant like graphite and molybdenum disulfide, and the effect is excellent. PTFE powder mixed with propane and butane can be used as non-adhesive antiwear spraying agent, rocket additives and so on. PTFE micropowder can also be used as an effective lubricant thickening agent in lubricants.

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Code Product Type Particle Average SizeAverage Bulk DensitySpecific Surface Area
TPD-505SPTFE Micropowder4.0-6.0µm400g/L3.0-4.5m2/g 
TPD-603SPTFE Micropowder~3.0µm≤350g/L10.0m2/g 
TPD-604SPTFE Micropowder~ 3.5µm≤300g/L 13.0m2/g 
Code Feature Average Particle Size, µmMaximum Particle Size, µm
Free of PFOA D50: 1.0~2.0≤10
Free of PFOA D50: 2.0~4.0≤30
Free of PFOA D50: 5.0~8.0≤50


“5”: Suspension Polymerization

“6”: Dispersion Polymerization

“H”: Recycled Materials 

“S”: Special Modification Treatment

“A”: Free of PFOA

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