PTFE powder can be used as anti-wear agent in inks. It can improve wear resistance, lubricity, surface smoothness, agglomeration and glossiness of inks, and make printed products resistant to friction. PTFE powder can also reduce clogging, be applied to satisfy the needs of fast printers, and effectively avoid paper bonding. In order to ensure the best improvement effects of PTFE fine powder, the particle size of PTFE fine powder is required to be close to the thickness of ink film in many ink applications.

– Rommended Products 

Code Product Type Particle Average SizeAverage Bulk DensitySpecific Surface Area
TPD-503SPTFE Micropowder1.0-2.0µm350g/L3.0m2/g 
TPD-504SPTFE Micropowder~ 4.2µm≤450g/L 4.0m2/g 
Code Feature Average Particle Size, µmMaximum Particle Size, µm
Free of PFOA D50: 1.0~2.0≤10
Free of PFOA D50: 4.0~6.0≤15
Free of PFOA D50: 5.1~8.0≤25


“5”: Suspension Polymerization

“6”: Dispersion Polymerization

“H”: Recycled Materials 

“S”: Special Modification Treatment

“A”: Free of PFOA

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