PTFE fine powder has the characteristics of low friction coefficient and low surface tension, which can prevent abrasion, reduce wear, self-lubricating, improve corrosion resistance and reduce moisture absorption in coating & paints. Especially for non-sticky products, PTFE fine powder can be added in a large proportion in the formula, which can eventually produce anti-pollution, non-sticking, waterproof and oilproof effect. It is widely used in non-stick pot coatings, electronic plastic coatings, PCM coil coatings, rubber & elastomer coatings, powder coatings, high corrosion resistant fluorine coatings and other fields.

It should be noted that the sintered spherical PTFE powder has a large specific gravity and often does not float on the surface. Therefore, when the particle size is about the same as the thickness of the dry film, better protection effect can be obtained. If the particle size is larger than the thickness of the film, it will extinct, but if it is smaller than the thickness of the film, it will only provide the effect of reducing wear. If the effect of lubrication and non-sticking is needed, we can either choose the PTFE powder with the appropriate particle size or PTFE powder without sintering. 

– Rommended Products 

CodeProduct TypeParticle Average SizeAverage Bulk DensitySpecific Surface Area
TPD-503SPTFE Micropowder1.0-2.0µm350g/L3.0m2/g
TPD-504SPTFE Micropowder~4.2µm≤450g/L4.0m2/g 
TPD-505SPTFE Micropowder4.0-6.0µm400g/L3.0-4.5m2/g 
TPD-603SPTFE Micropowder~ 3.0µm≤350g/L10.0m2/g 
TPD-604SPTFE Micropowder~ 3.5µm≤300g/L13.0m2/g 
CodeFeatureAverage Particle Size, µmMaximum Particle Size, µm
Free of PFOAD50: 1.0~2.0≤10
Free of PFOAD50: 4.0~6.0≤15
Free of PFOAD50: 5.1~8.0≤25
Free of PFOAD50: 3.0~5.0≤30
Free of PFOAD50: 5.0~8.0≤50


“5”: Suspension Polymerization

“6”: Dispersion Polymerization

“H”: Recycled Materials 

“S”: Special Modification Treatment

“A”: Free of PFOA

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